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so frustrated

I know I am telling more than anyone really wants to know, but I have no face-to-face friends I can discuss this with, guys are it. We are having some serious financial problems. To sum it up in as few words as possible, husband tried to start his own business, it isn't working out, he is more or less unemployed with little or no income. If something doesn't give here, I believe it is a mathematical certainty that we will lose our house a few months down the road, which I could take except that we have a house full of animals that couldn't go to a rental. Anyhow, I called about the home loan modification program that I have heard about. They can't help us because, wait for it....our credit score doesn't qualify us to have our loan modified or refinanced. If our credit score was good, it would mean we didn't have a problem, right?? Now we are trying to get a deferment on our daughter's student loan that husband is responsible for; not trying to not pay, just a year's break till we can get things worked out. They want documentation of his income, I said he doesn't have any. They asked if we are on any assistance programs, I said no. They tell me we don't qualify then; if you aren't on welfare, you can't get any help! And quite frankly even if we wanted to get on "assistance programs," I'm sure we couldn't because I work! Apparently, two types of people can get any help at all in this country: opportunists who don't really need help, just see a way to better their lives, and folks who are willing to quit trying to help themselves and just live on all kinds of welfare. I am just venting, pretty sure there are no solutions for us. Thanks for listening to me rant.
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