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What games did your dog invent?

This is a a fun game WD invented himself. He is in a down position on top of the (carpeted) stairs holding a ball while I am sitting downstairs looking up at him (yes I know, but I can afford it ).
He drops the ball and watches it bounce down the stairs, I catch it and I throw it back at him and he catches it and it starts all over.
Variation as his impulse control has improved dramatically: I catch the ball, he remains in the down on top of the stairs and I hide the ball. I release him to go find it and he does, runs back up the stairs (his invention!), lies down and drops the ball again Since he invented it himself he is awfully consistent.
Curious to read of your dogs' creativity.
BTW: WD must be a positive trainer as he taught me this without hurting me, that's why it is so much fun to work with him

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