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Skin Issue

I have two GSs. One is a recent rescue (Heide), and the other we raised from a pup (Brock). We are currently having problems with Brock. He is 15 months now and starting around 6 months he started to have break outs/rashes on his under side. We have sought advice and several failed fixes from several vets. We at first thought it was a food allergy so we changed foods several times, and took away all treats. It seemed to work for a few months but came back even worse, with hot spots on his back side, and red swells on his under side which would look like blisters. We have him on a medication for skin issues now which keeps his biting and itching to a minimum. We are still looking for long term fixes though. We have him on Nuvet, and are feeding him "Call of the wild". We dont give him treats. We have chickens, goats, and a horse. If any one has any ideas or knows a good vet who specializes in skin related problems we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks-
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