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Cats and Puppies / Dogs

I've noticed a number of threads on here asking for help with their puppy and their cat / kitten. I thought I would start a thread and others could chime in with their experiences.

One of the MAIN things that people need to remember when you are bringing a cat / puppy together is body language.

Cats and dogs have VERY DIFFERENT body language. What is menancing to a cat looks playful to a dog!!! And for the cat ... the whole dang dog looks menacing!

A play bow from a dog to a cat makes the dog look bigger than it is ... the barking, the tail wagging - the poor cat is like ... WTH??? And tries to run away ... this then incites the dog / puppy to chase. Hey they are predators, this is what they do!!!

So of course, the cat is running around the house trying to get away, and the puppy is getting more and more amped up because he can't catch his prey!

Make sure the cat has AMPLE places to get away from the puppy / dog. Kitchen table / counters ... can't be off limits if they are the only safe places for the cat.

From the dog's perspective ... getting batted in the noise, and a hiss / growl from the cat ... is an invitation to PLAY! Most puppies don't get "it" the first time that cat doesn't want to play ... so the push the buttons ... kitty gets more and more ticked and either "attacks" the dog or takes off.

Not all cats / dogs will leave peacefully together.

Kyleigh LOVES to chase London ... and she will do it ANY chance she can. I make sure she doesn't get the chance.

She knows leave it and when we are in the living room relaxing, if the cat gets up to go somewhere else, if I don't say leave it (and mean it) she WILL chase the cat.

On the plus side, she's not trying to eat the cat, but still, the cat should be able to go from point A to point B without being harrassed by an 18-month old puppy.

I'll leave my post at this ... and let others chime in ...

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