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Taking Care of a Wolf (Non-GSD)

So one of my coworkers contacted my today. She and her husband make regular trips to a flea market a few hours from here, but this time, they bought more than just antique end tables.

This time, they came home with a "wolf cub". Now, I say it this way because I expect someone selling animals in a flea market is less than reputable.

She called because she knows I've researched nutrition and training for my puppy and she needs help with their "new addition".

Now, this is a young couple (22 and 25) with a yorkie and a 15-ish pound terrier mix. They're currently trying to have a baby. They also rent their home.

Also, this "wolf cub" is apparently 6 weeks old and blind. The person who sold it to them said it should be about 150lbs at maturity.

Anyone have any previous experience/knowledge about wolf rearing? I'm doing other research, but I could use all the knowledge I can get. I know this was not the best decision they could have made, but they have him now...

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