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Switching from Acana

After about 2 years of feeding Orijen and Acana I decided to switch my dog because her stomach was constantly making noise and she seemed uncomfortable. She doesn't have allergies to any of the proteins (I tried several different flavors of Acana) but I'm guessing something else Acana uses in their food bothers her. She had stopped eating (was picky, would push her food around, and eat it eventually...but it was obvious she knew something we didn't) We had an ultrasound done to rule out medical issues going on in her GI. She was fine. The vet recommended we switch to an LID food. We switched to Blue Buff. turkey LID and she loves it. It doesn't bother her at all. It is lower in protein then I like (22%) and is not grain free, but at this point, I just want something that doesn't upset her.

I was so focused on feeding her the "best" food, I didn't realize that it wasn't agreeing with her. The typical signs of food not agreeing with the dog were not present in our case.
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