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i would have thought the standard thing is to have yr dog exposed to as many different people as possible in order to develop confidence socially regardless of PPD or not. unless yr dog is going to live it's whole life in the same backyard and never leave it and it attacks everything that approaches regardless.

i don't mean they all should molest yr dog but the pup should be exposed to neutral strangers of every race, color and creed jmo especially children.

best done with like minded folks if possible.

my guess is having yr pup a little uncomfortable around starngers will be greatly counter-productive to a PPD, i would want a PPD prospect to be comfortable around everyone and everything and go from there.

power comes from strength and strength comes from confidence and confidence is most easily destroyed by having a puppy uncomfortable around strange people or strange things. all jmo.

seems you have a lot of things to sort thru which is fine, hope you get them sorted before you get this pup.

please feel free to put me on ignore or just say don't post on yr threads if you think i am being rude or whatever. just trying to help yr pup and you with what little experience i have gained - not an expert. most experts you will have to pay for advice, the rest of us help out where we can.

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