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Tried and True Odor Get Out!!!

I didn't know where to post this and I thought this was my best chance.

Okay! So, four days ago Bronco had a GINORMOUS accident next to my bed at two in the morning JUST as she was telling me she needed to go out. I have tried everything to get that smell out of the carpet!! We called in a professional carpet cleaner, spent 157 dollars on their special stuff, I tried that Woolite Oxy-Pet stuff, Vinegar, BLEACH! but I still lay down to go to bed and I have a nauseating night of that awful smell!! I actually crawled into bed with my son last night because I couldn't handle it. You guys have any tried and true things you have done to get that smell out!? I will try anything! Even if it's heaping stuff on stuff to mask it at least!

Thanks guys!
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