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Collars and leashes - oh my

I've been searching this morning for the perfect collar and lead for Spirit. SO many options! Material, size, lining, lock type ... ay yi yi. And measuring Spirit's head and neck was no small feat LOL

Anyway, this is what I've come up with, after HOURS of searching, literally. Spirit is your basic many-colored GSD -- he's black, tan, silver, with red around his neck and head. Trying to color coordinate I've chosen Mahogany base with black top

And a leather Cafe lead in Mahogany

I'm torn between the Mahogany and Rosewood. Rosewood might be too red though??

And will Spirit's neck grow that much more that he might outgrow this collar? It's too expensive if he will. He's 8 months, measures 18" loosely. I'm concerned this collar isn't adjustable ??

Way too complicated
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