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German show lines

I am conducting initial research into german shepherd lines, with an eye towards getting a puppy in the future.
I am most interested in the german show line "look" simply because I like the heavier boned, less angular characteristics. I do not intend to show.
The highest considerations are health and temperament. I will not necessarily engage in shutzhund so I do not want a high prey drive.
I am looking for a companion dog who will play well with other dogs.
The puppy will go to daily doggy day care four days a week when I go into the office, staying home with me on Wednesdays. Temperament should allow for play with other dogs, accepting lots of different human and dog interaction, and having an "off" button when I have to work at home.
I expect that I will be conducting about one and a half to two years' research into the breed and the different lines before I actually get the puppy. During this time I will be studying the breed and the lines.

My question at the moment - I am looking for a breeder of merit who has german show lines. Aesthetically I prefer the look. I prefer show lines to avoid the high prey drive necessary for working lines. I need a companion line.

Are there any leads, preferably in the Delmarva area (Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania)? I am prepared to travel to pick up a puppy but I will not have him shipped to me.

Color preference - dark/black or sable.
Sex - male

Thank you so much for any assistance or leads that you may provide.
Thank you for reading.
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