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If you have a fenced yard, or are willing to do it in the house, play a game of fetch or 2 ball, do some quick obedience commands with a clicker, with fun and jackpots, play tug, or do some hiding of treats and let her find them before you go for the walk. Get that edge off, tire her out a bit before the walk (but not too much since she is just a baby) so that she is able to focus a little more (she's a puppy so she can't focus all that much) on what you are trying to ask. If she's not really loving the walks, with the additional play, you can probably shorten them - about how far do you go now?

Also with the drop it, while she is still learning it, have something to offer her - a ball, toy, treat - in exchange, and fade that away over time.

I use a four foot leash - which is closer to me for biting ME if that is a thing for the puppy - but easier for walking, in my mind. There is also a nice video if you google Silky Leash for a technique I want to use next time I am teaching leash stuff to a dog!
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