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Our Pack

Well, I've been here for a few weeks now, and many of you have already seen my newest pup Riley(Ryly?) but I haven't really mentioned any of my other dogs and figure that it's about time that I introduced my whole pack. So here they are.

First is Journey, she's 8 years old, and weighs 90lbs.

Next is Tye, our patterned sable. He's 7 years old, 110lbs, and slightly sick obsessed lol.

Than there is Lily, Lily is a rescue that got brought to us about a year ago. My aunts friend had spotted her wandering around town, two weeks had gone by and she was still living on the streets so my aunt brought her to us. They all thought she was crossed with Husky because of her Silver Sable coloring, but my Family and I are convinced that she is purebred, she has all the right characteristics, especially structure wise. Lily is a VERY high drive, high energy dog, not to mention agile. I'd been wanting to learn/get involved in Schutzhund for a long time, and she seems like a great dog for it, though I'm not sure it would be possible given the fact that we have no background info on her, plus my age (Only 19 years old)

Last is Lia. Lia's 9 months old, and huge.

in comparison to Lily, (approx. 2 years)

Well, I could post so many more photos of them but I think I'm going to leave it here for now.
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