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My pup was weaned onto raw....though the breeder did feed kibble now and then so the pups that would go to kibble fed homes didn't have issues.
I didn't see any risks other than the gulping that happened due to competition when littermates drive is pretty high. First meal at home, Karlo ate a leg in one gulp. He slowed down after that, I did hold his meaty bones to slow him some and he figured out he didn't have to rush.
Vaccines have no impact on raw feeding, in fact the immune system is strong with a raw fed puppy.
There are many threads here on transitioning to raw, but I'll type out a quick instructional on what I did:
pup is fed about 2# total per day split between 3 meals. Gauge your portions according to pups growth spurts by feeling his body condition.
At 16 weeks, I cut out the mid day meal and then gave a midnight snack.
I started with chicken legs, necks, thighs and fed frozen(fresh)green tripe along with about 2 oz of liver(beef or chicken) At 8 weeks, I didn't give supplements, but started them at about 3 months.
Human grade fish oil gel caps(1000mg), natural vitamin C with rose-hips or citrus bioflavonoids(500mg) and as pup got older doubled those doses....adding in natural E with mixed tocopherols(400iu) every few days. Liver has E naturally as do eggs, so if I give eggs I forego the E.
I give my dogs hard boiled eggs every other day rotating with yogurt.

The threads here will give you the portions for rmbs, mm, and om.
As an example, I feed~ but don't stress over it~ 45% raw meaty bones(turkey necks, chicken backs, pork necks, or chicken wings) 50% muscle meat(ground and I deduct the eggs/yogurt from this) and 5% organ meat.
This yahoo group is good for asking questions or reading older posts, it is w/ Monica Segal who is a raw expert. (you have to be accepted by the admin)
She also has a "pay" to consult plan where she'll set up the perfect portion diet for you dog. Not sure it is worth it, some swear by it, however.
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