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Originally Posted by onyx'girl View Post
Where are you in your training? Does she do H&B in the blind/out in the open and do you do call outs?
If this would have happened with Karlo at her age, he would have gone right into a hold & bark, and when the sleeve was put in a neutral position, I would hope he'd deactivate...but immaturity doesn't always bode well!
When she returned to you, did you reward her?
We are not far in protection. With Zefra, we have concentrated on her obedience because, like mentioned... self control is an issue with her. We have just started on H&B's - not in the blind yet, but will be transferring to the blind soon. We have an issue with outting which we have been working on. JUST started on the call outs - definitely NOT reliable yet at all.

Yes, I rewarded her big time!

I thought for sure she would of did her H&B but nope, intently sniffing, staring at him and then decided he wasn't a threat and returned to me.

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