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Vaccines and socialization, to be or not to be.

I have a 11 week male GSD pup.(12 weeks on sunday) Gunner is the best thing that has happened to this marine in a good long while. Other than my wife of course.

Thats why I want only the best for him. While no one is perfect, there has to be a right answer to the vaccinate or socialize question.

Ive read a lot of research, called a lot and spoken in person to a wide range of professionals on this issue. It always comes back to the answer I knew about in the first place. and that everyone says to release themselves from liability. "Its really your decision."

Well of course it is, but thats why I didnt ask for yours, I just want to gain from your experience!

I feel strongly and dont doubt for a second that if you dont socialize in time, both you and the dog will pay for it later. Furthermore the dog is really the one that is done a disservice, and I dont want that on my conscience. What I do want is a happy dog. So what is the most influential time frame regarding socialization for male GSD pups?

Ive heard 8-12 weeks, but the vet says im fine to wait till after his last shot (at 16) So I dont want to sacrifice his safety for his happiness, nor his happiness for his safety!]

My issue is that the breeder had given him a shot at 6 weeks(Oct 19). Then when we got him at 7 weeks(I know a week early) we took him to the vet and they scheduled him on Nov. 23 (Five whole weeks later!) When we got there on the 23rd, they said that too much time has passed and we would need to start over. So they gave him the shot, and scheduled another on Dec 13. Now, They think that will be his 2nd shot. It may be his last, because I do not want to over vaccinate, he's a dog.

Ive researched the info on the pharmacists webpage, the AVMF, AVMA, my trainer, my vet, the emergency vet, countless internet sites.

I know this is a common question for dogs these days, but what do the german users advise. User advise means more to me than professional or paid. Because its unbiased and experienced, boots on the ground.

I want so badly to show him the world, but dont want to cross the threshold I currently have for him (the home, the backyard, the frontyard, my car window, trusted family homes, bringing friends and family over, and our trainer) if it means he sniffs up some parvo or distemper.

Thanks in advance for your time, I know its long, and thats probably why it wont get read much, but to any that do, This US marine would greatly appreciate it, my little pup gunner has already in 5 weeks done for me and my ptsd what VA doctors and pills couldnt do in a year. So I will give him the same. Thanks again.
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