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Looking for some insight..

Last week at our training session Zefra did something that kind of surprised me. I would love some insight to this from the more experienced - I have my own thoughts but feel as though I will not be able to translate them here coherently so will reserve them for now.

So, there were two people on the field plus our training director who is also our helper/decoy working our dogs. Our TD was going from the other person and their dog to myself and Zefra.

We were both working the dogs with their balls and doing some heel work and basic positioning stuff. Just a easy warm up lesson really. It was dark outside besides the minimal lights from the side of the field.

My TD wanted to show me something with Zefra as I was having a hard time grasping what he wanted me to do, so he took her ball and was playing around with her then brought her into position. She worked well for him and he also gave her a good correction for not getting into position correctly (if she is too drivy she has a tendency to "stop listening" and just throw behaviours at me until she gets it right - basically she stops listening to the command). She took the correction fine, got into basic position and they continued on for a few more seconds.

He did some line work for me and Zefra didn't even know he was there.

Okay, so.. here's the part where I start thinking.

When we were finished with obedience we decided to leave for the night since it was so dark. He had his bag, scratch pants, sleeve all sitting on this incline.

Zefra perked up the moment he went for the bag and to move the sleeve. She didn't bark but she did get quite intense.

I made her platz as we (the TD and myself) chatted about making plans for the following week, etc. Zefra remained in her down and settled but was still watchful.

As I turned around to leave I accidentally dropped her lead (yes, I know!) and she ran at our helper who now had the sleeve in his hands along with his bag. She RAN at him, stopped dead in her tracks, looked at him, sniffed him intently. He stopped moving, got real still and dropped the sleeve. He then said in a normal voice, "what?".

At this point I had called to her to "heir" and she came right back to me (this all happened in a matter of seconds) but was super watchful of him. She didn't really pay attention to the sleeve at all during this. She is not really a equipment type dog. She worked hidden equipment before (two sessions) with no issue.

Just curious as to her reaction - what your taken on it is? I think I know, but want to ensure my thoughts are correct.

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