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I am beginning my raw diet research tonight. all advice is welcome.

Good evening all,

I have a 11 week old, male, GSD puppy (12 weeks on sunday). I want my dog to have the best life he could possibly have while still knowing that he is the dog.

I am very intrigued by the raw diet posts, and other info on the internet. There is a lot of apprehensivness about that diet from well established professionals in the field of veterinary medicine. While that does count for something, Professionals are just as prone to being bought as my congressman is. The raw diet argument has some very good points, but it also seems like there are a few holes to plug in to make it work. i.e. supplements and so forth. It's benefits dont seem to be arguable, so I wont go there. But the manner in which to go about raw feeding seems very arguable and very dependent on the individual dog. Research is my first step, and thats why I am here. I want to get pointers from people who actually use the diet and have used it for a while.

Gunner is about 16 lbs and so far has only had giardia, a tapeworm, and was missing some hair on his snout. All of that has been corrected, and we are on the last bit of panacura for his giardia. (per our vet). I understand he is a bit small, but that might be attributed to him just not hitting a growth spurt yet. The breeder had him on puppy chow(unbelievable), we transitioned him to Petsmarts attempt to counter Blue Buffalo (Simply nourish) and are about mid transition to being permantly on Blue Buffalo itself. (Unless raw proves to be better of course) He was on simply noursish for a good few weeks so there hasnt been too much of a strain on his stomach.

He just the right mix of obedience,puppyhood, spunk, energy, and intelligence we were looking for. He is learning new tricks all the time, and his AKC training is going very well. We are hoping to have him STAR certified by tomorrow.

I say that because I dont want that to change due to a raw diet implementation. I like where hes at, and he is seemingly very healthy.

So my overall question is....what can other German Shepherd dog owners who have raised a pup since 8 weeks and implemented a raw diet at or before 13 weeks tell me about the risks, benefits, diet plans, standards, meeting full nutritional needs, and anything else I have missed as I am still in the learning phase? And does the fact that he is not yet finished with his vaccine regimen effect the raw diet at all?

Thank you very much to any and all who respond In advance, I hope your holiday season is an incredible one for your familys and of course, your companions.
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