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How important is Chondroitin?

Dasuquin is getting expensive. I can buy Cosequin ASU equine powder, have equal amounts of glucosamine, a little less MSM, just over amount of ASU but the chondroitin will be half that of Dasuquin

Cosequin ASU equine per 2 g
900 mg Gluc
620 mg MSM
150 mg Chondr.
130 mg ASU

Dasuquin w/ MSM per tab
900 mg Gluc.
350 mg Chondr.
800 mg MSM
90 mg ASU

AND...I would have enough for 2 dogs for 1 year for $113.

She gets poultry necks for her meals which have chondroitin and she gets tracheas from the butcher, again loaded with chondroitin.

So all things added up....does it equal the Dasuquin with MSM? Or is there a synergy involved in the ingredients for the specifics amounts?

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