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Schutzhund to PPD a natural possible Progression ?

Pardon my ignorance, I do not mean to offend if the question is off. I am 10 year experienced, many mistakes, many successes, in raising two GSDs and am getting a new pup mid January as my Senior Dog "best mate" is checking out soon. I should have done this sooner... I have never Competed, these have been pets and some degree of deterent protection at home and on the road with horses.. I read some opinions here that Shutzhund may not shift to PPD, so this Post.

From what I have been told and read, the Sport of Schutzhund seems to be a good start to me. I could use the herding part and would like to train with hand signals like I have done for obedience. In Australia, a couple of great GSDs have died by a knife from an Attacker, with the Schutzhund forearm bite and hold, they died in Service to their Owners. Could you not progress to the full body suit take down training from Schutzhund sport training?

I ask, because the Sport training would be social (human) and a learning curve with Trainers. In my ignorance it would seem easy to carry on to the full suit training. Why bother with Schutzhund at all if I want a PPD? For me tracking, herding (they do here with sheep and my application is cattle), and some of the other sport activities would be useful as well, in my ignorance I thought it could be a natural progression. But I read that some have the opinion that SchH training first is a disadvantage???

Kind regards, sorry if my question is stupid... and Thank You in advance from Oz (Australia Mate)
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