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Anybody use this Nylabone toy?

I was at target and popped into the dog isle for fun. I saw a Nylabone product that i ended up buying. I've never used nylabone before. I'm not sure why, I don't have anything against the brand.... i just don't know much about their products. Marley has always been a crazy chewer. Thankfully he only chews his own toys, but the only ones that last are the ultimate kong, chuck it balls, and well thats about it. He loooooves tennis balls but he chews the felt (sp?) off pretty quick.

He playing with the Nylabone right now and loving it. He's still trying to figure out if it's an edible treat or a toy, heh.

I hear you guys talk about you "cuz" balls/toys. I havent given that a whirl yet because they just look so fragile. Especially with those little legs, Marley would tear those up as an appetizer........

Here's the nylabone i bought. Anyone ever used this? Did you like it?


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