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I don't do any of the sport, but I attended a couple of the sessions (not sure what you call them) to see what it was all about. (Kudos to all the people that participate ... it's a lot of work)

That was one of my biggest questions ... I want a sports dog and a "pet". I heard both responses. BUT, I had one person who told me that it depends on what you want ...

SOME people get the dog for the sport and the sport only ... work, train, crate, work, train, crate, etc. Others get the dog as a "pet" and then work it.

The trainer that was there had three GSDs and all of his were also "family" dogs and his wife had a bichon frisee and they have three small kids. The GSDs are "pets" in the house and "working dogs" on the field.

This is what I was told ... never saw it, but didn't really have a reason do disbelieve.

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