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Originally Posted by Kyleigh View Post
So you see it as a negative?

As I said in my original post, it's not an every day thing, but any stretch of the imagination. It's usually when I've gotten involved in something, and time has gotten away from me. It's like a reminder ... HEY, I'm here ... and you've forgotten something.

Ky's never done any type of bite work, and she's NOT biting ... she's "holding" my hand in her mouth. Honestly, I can slide my hand out of her mouth with no resistence.

And yes, she does get her things when I give them to her, not when she "demands." This is just a behaviour that I see every now and then ... like maybe once a week ...

It's only me that she does it with, no one else ...
It's the same with me, she only does it when I'm completely distracted and she's tried everything else to get my attention (going to the door, in the kitchen, etc). I'll look at her and say "What do you think you're doing" and she'll back off but there's never a grip involved.
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