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We use fish oil, and regular full grooming. The quality of food helps as well. Lower the quality and less nutrition in the food, the more brittle their coats get. A good quality food will lessen the shedding, at least a fair amount.

We dropped down to California Natural from Orijen because of financial needs.... and boy do I see WAY more tumbleweeds in my house!!!

It's pretty bad right now, so I feel your pain! I'm pretty close to giving up on trying to keep things spotless here. It's that time of the year and with the food change... all the dogs are dropping hair like it's going out of style.

When I had them on Orijen, they still shed like GSDs (which is heavy still) but, it wasn't nearly like this... it was manageable with once a day vacuuming, and full grooming every 4-5 days. Not too bad. Oh how I MISS that!!!

There's a lot more I've heard of that works, but I've never really had to try any more then just the oil and grooming. However, until we switch back to Orijen.... I may have to look into it again!!

I'd definitely like to see some suggestions on this thread... I could use some new ideas as well!

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