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Weird peeing issue in male dog? Should I be concerned?

My guy is 1.5 yrs old. Today I noticed that when I took him out to go to the bathroom/play he would assume the "pee position" (leaning forward with his leg slightly raised) and hold it for 30-40 seconds with very little coming out. It would come out in very short bits, kind of dripping out (sorry for the visual haha). He would stop and do this multiple times.

I don't think he is marking, as I know sometimes they'll lift their leg even when they don't have anything left. Should I wait it out? Maybe give him a day or two? He isn't acting sick or uncomfortable, he is still his same bone-headed, playful self.

I haven't really done anything dif with his food... I feed him Kirkland kibble with dehydrated raw. He's been weird and picky lately, so I just started mixing in some cottage cheese/ canned food.

Thanks for your help

Oh, and he is NOT neutered, if that makes a difference.
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