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Kind of going through the same thing moved from Massachusetts to Washington State for my husband's job and been seriously searching for a job for the past month. I am going crazy not working! So what I've been doing with my spare time and to keep my sanity is volunteering at a hospital that's within walking distance. It's at my leisure and I'll go in and help out for a few hours and if a lab position opens up I'll get priority. I've also added volunteering to my resume and have received a few call-backs and have a few interviews lined up. I don't know if my searching is paying off or because of the local volunteering specifically but I am sure it doesn't hurt. You could try something similar? Also I've been skipping those sites like monster and going directly to local company's/hospital's websites and searching their job postings directly. You can try that if you haven't? Although its hard if you're new to the area but still very doable! Not sure what your field of work is but hang in there! I'm sure an opportunity will open up! Good luck!

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