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Default Taking hand in mouth

Kyleigh will be 18 months old tomorrow ... my how time has flown from the time I brought her home.

One of her behaviours that stands out that I haven't found on this forum is this:

When she wants something (outside, hungry, ice cube, play time) she comes up and barks at me once. I'll stand up and say "what do you want?" and she takes my hand in her mouth (VERY gently) and brings me to where she what she wants is (i.e. toy box, kitchen for ice cubes, back door to go outside, her food bowl for dinner time - just in case I forgot LOL)

She's not annoying about it ... it's not like she's demanding something every 5 minutes, and it's not every day or anything, just every now and then (like I've been "neglecting her" LOL)

Does anyone else have a dog that does this?
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