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OH I feel your frustration!!! I was unemployed for 5 months and it was hard. I'm a smartie pants too, lots of experience, biligual, degrees, certifications, etc. but guess what ... so do other people ... so in the end, it's all about "getting that interview".

I don't know if you have temp agencies / consulting companies where you live but I registered with about 20 of them. It's downright humiliating to take a freaking typing test but it's the only way to get on their list.

In Ottawa, they've laid off tons of people, and are not "re-hiring" so our economy is in the tank right now. They say they are creating more jobs, but unfortunately, these are "lower income / entry level jobs" and I'm sorry, but I'm not pumping gas to make less money than I could make on Employment Insurance. Because once you take that job, they're not going to help you anymore!!!

I set up alerts on "" and "" and then followed up with the temp agencies afterwards. I hounded, called, emailed, etc. and then I finally got a job after 5 months. I now sit in a job that I can't stand, have nothing to do, but at least I'm getting paid. On the up side, I've just discovered that I won a contract that I applied for back in June and will be starting within the next couple of weeks.

The only positive? Kyleigh was 10 months to 15 months of age while I was unemployed. We got some ROCKING training in there, and she's awesome!

So there you go ... it's hard, it sucks, it's scary, it's unfair, it's demeaning, it's humiliating, it's frustraing, and then finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I applied for over 800 jobs before I got the one I'm in right now!!!

Keep at it, and try to stay positive ... fingers crossed for you.

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