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Another "dog eating poo" thread

Hi guys, I have a six month old German Shepherd, and he loves eating his own poo...

We've always had this problem with him. It's mainly his own that he's interested in, but will occasionally pick one up on a walk. It's very rare that he does that though - maybe once per month. If he investigates one on a walk, telling him "leave it" will usually work.

I've put this down as something that he would grow out of, but he hasn't yet. I've tried a few things so far.

Our main method for managing the habit has just been picking it up as soon as he does it. When we do this, he will always return to the area that he did his business and eats the grass that still has a few "leftovers" in. When we're out on a walk, we generally do a circular route, and on the way back he will return to where he laid a cable on the way out and give the ground a good licking. This was particularly embarrassing this morning, when he greeted another dog walker with what I can only describe as a "****ty brown nose". Also, occasionally, he will manage to sneak one out in the garden when we have our back turned or we're not paying attention. This is very rare though.
Recently, we have been using some tablets from the pet shop. I can't remember the brand, but they are basically tablets that are meant to make the mess "unpalatable". We tried those for around a month, but they don't appear to do anything and are quite expensive.

We use positive dog training with our boy, and have always used a clicker with him. Is there maybe a way we can integrate that into stopping this habit?

Another things I was wondering about - could it be diet related? We feed him Pets at Home's "premium" dog brand "Wainwrights". His weight is fine, and we generally use bits of kibble for training, or small pieces of chicken or cheese if we want to motivate him. He loves food...

It's frustrating. I know that eating his own mess isn't likely to hurt him, but we want to break the habit. The main downside of his little appetite is that I'm not happy to leave him in the garden unattended, which cuts his outside romp time down significantly. Especially at the moment when it's cold and pouring with rain in the UK.
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