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Bad Trainer?

I hired a trainer to do some one on one and I'm curious if she set me and my dog down the wrong path. I'll give some details and then my concerns:

Facts -
1. I hired this person in June to get my dog (who was born 1/6/2012) trained in basic obedience with the end result being the AKC Good Citizen Certification at the end of six weeks.

2. The classes were at my house and were one hour classes per week.

3. The first few classes were great but after that it seemed as though we were repeating things. Not because he needed it but because the trainer forgot that we had already done these things.

4. The last two classes she came with another dog and handler that she was training...which kind of blew the one on one thing out of the water.

5. After the six weeks were up she never tested him and there were things he still needed to learn.

Opinions -

I feel that he's been trained in the wrong way. His behavior is hit or miss and he's constantly testing me. He won't listen to commands unless I have a toy or treat in my hand, he's on a leash, or close enough that he can't run away.

I feel the he performs his commands because he feels that he has to, not because he wants to.

Training methods -

What I was taught to use is a pinch collar for corrections and treats for rewards. Once he learned something the instruction was if there is hesitation to give a quick firm correction, if he did what he was supposed to give him a treat but only if he did it the first time. It seemed as though there was more emphasis on the negative than the positive though.
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