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Does anyone else have a puppy who is a "collector?"

Every morning when I get up I find Huxley has amassed a collection of random items from around the house on his bed. He has never even damaged anything much less destroyed it. He just seems to like to pick things up and bring them to his bed during the night.

Sometimes he puts objects up next to my pillow seemingly as a way to say "good morning" when he sees that I am waking up.

We don't mind this behavior, since he is not destructive and we never leave unsafe stuff out- he seems drawn to kitchen towels, books, small wicker baskets- but I really haven't ever seen anything like it before.

He's done this since he was first allowed regular bed overnight privileges at around 4 - maybe 5 months old.

So how "unique" is my dog? My husband and son think he's a real odd duck and I am hoping I can tell them someone else has a GSD who does this too!
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