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Originally Posted by Panthro's mom View Post
Thanx debbie. I agree with you. I try to spend more time with him on weekends and on my days off. I would like to house train him but i know that requires consistency and commitment and being a working mom makes it sooo hard. He is so awesome as a guard, though. He barks at anything that moves. I know some people crate or chain their dogs for long periods of time but panthro is out & about. Well, hopefully ill find a solution with some help around here. Thanx a bunch!
Consistency and commitment is key with this breed. It is probably THE most important factor to owning this breed. You need to find a way to work it into your routine. Crates are your friend, chains are definitely NOT. And barking at anything that moves is NOT a good thing. He does this because he is insecure, bored (which causes anxiety), and not socialized. This is a recipe for disaster.

He's young, so you've got plenty of time to do right by him! The "solution" you seek is to work, work, work with him. Integrate him into your family. Socialize him. Work on obedience and rules and boundaries... practice NILIF (Nothing in Life is Free...make him work for everything). Give him safety and security, structure, and stimulation. Right now he's got none of those things, but you've come to the right place to learn
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