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Need Ideas for Self-Chewer...

...or I may have to pull all her teeth (JK).

Constantly licking & chewing - but mostly, while she's in the crate. She comes to work with us & is in a crate in front of my desk. Chew-chew-chew. Lick-lick-lick. Not only are her back toes raw, the sounds drive me nuts - the chewing especially is like fingernails on a blackboard.

Tried steroid shots. Benadryl. Allergy tests. Nothing. She's been on the same food for about 18 months. She gets taken out (at work) twice & has a full 1-hour run in the warehouse after work. When we get home, she spends most of her time out of the crate.

Ointments don't work - she licks them off. Someone suggested mustard plaster - she ate that too. (Course, this is a dog that will sometimes eat turds, so I guess there's nothing that could taste worse?!) Tried sox - she pulls those off or chews thru them. Elizabethan collar liked to drive me over the edge with all the noise in the crate from the collar hitting the sides of the crate.

Any suggestions? Home remedies?
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