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To balance it out...

An Act of Kindness | Law Enforcement Today

Love our men & women in blue

Controversy has always swirled around the New York Police Department. Are minorities treated fairly? Do officers resort to force too quickly? The constant stream of negative news stories sometimes overshadows the quiet compassion shown by many police officers in this teeming city.

Jennifer Foster, a police officer from Florence, Arizona, recently witnessed such an act of kindness. She and her husband were visiting Times Square in New York City and saw a shoeless man asking for change. As they were approaching the man, an NYPD officer walked up to him.

The officer said, “I have these size 12 boots for you.” He squatted down and put socks and new boots on the man. Foster was especially impressed that the officer expected nothing in return and did not know that anyone watching.

Foster’s story and a photo she took are now posted on the NYPD Facebook page, with this comment: “Our thanks to the Fosters for their attention and appreciation, and especially to this officer, who remains anonymous.”

To learn more:

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