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Originally Posted by Kdrees View Post
Our 4h only does dog obedience at county fair and that is about it - they do showmanship but you are only judged with how you handle and show your dog and the dog itself is not judged. There is no just showing your dog like you see on TV. Here, they are not required to be intact or have any kind of papers - just have to be a dog and have current vaccinations. If you are looking at 4h I would contact you local extension or club and if you are already in 4h you leader would should also be a wealth if info.

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Hmm. That is not at all what I thought it was. I would rather have my dog judged. I willl contact the local Extension Center though, to find out more. Thanks!
How about an SV show? I'm just worried that they don't have them held near me.


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