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Should I Show Varick In The Future?

I've always really liked watching German Shepherd Conformation shows, and I wanted to try showing Harley, just for fun. Now I realize that this is impossible due to his Fear Aggression. Also, aren't males supposed to be intact? 'Cause Harley's neutered. (Maybe it's different for 4-H shows/Junior shows?)
Since I cannot show Harley, I was thinking that I would like to show Varick! His pedigree shows German show line dogs with VA titles, and the DDR working dogs have V titles. (Though this may not matter for certain shows.) I will probably be showing with the 4-H club.

-Could I get some Junior Showmanship information?
-If anybody knows what to expect from a 4-H dog show, could you give me a description?
-What do you think of the idea of showing Varick?

Here is his pedigree: Varick vom Haus Jeffery


Varick vom Haus Jeffery
Dark Sable, intact male
DDR/West German Show Lines
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