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Adult dog

I am new to owning a dog so I have a few questions about food.

1) So my pup (GSD) is 16 months and I wasn't sure at what age I should switch over to adult food. I've heard a lot of different opinions and I would kike to know what age is truly the best to switch.

2) I feed him iams large breed puppy food and I would like to feed him a dog food that is right for him. After reading different things on here, I had no idea there were so many options to choose from. I would like to stick with dry food or maybe a dry/wet or dry/raw mix if that exists? Oh, and I'm not wanting to buy dirt cheap food but I'm not looking to spend 200 bucks a month on food either.

3) I assume there is going to be a lot of opinions on what food to feed my dog, so if you could give me some info on it and maybe a link or some info I can research it/ purchase it.

Thank you guys so much! (:
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