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Racial Purity of GSD/Lab Mix?

Two days ago I got a new puppy. His name is "The King" Dogmeat. I really love him, and he is a wonderful dog.

Only problem is, he wasn't exactly planned. He's not from a breeder, and I have no paperwork for him. I actually just found him abandoned, and we took him home (he was in fairly rough shape).

After doing some research, I have determined that he is a GSD/Lab mix. He fits the pictures and descriptions of other GSD/lab puppies.

I was just wondering, how much GSD do you think he has in him? I am a GSD lover, and have wanted one for years. My parents never let me get one because of their size, but since he kinda just dropped in, I decided to keep him.

Also, could some other GSD/lab owners show me some pictures of their adult dogs? I'm looking out for what to expect?

As you can see from these photos, he is a small puppy. I believe he is teething, but I'm not really sure. He seems to be about 16-20 weeks old though.

Anyway, do you guys have any ideas about what percentage lab he might be and what percentage shepherd?

Also, ears. His ears aren't up and I know that mixed often do not come up. Do any GSD/lab owners have any advice? Implants are out of the question, since my uncle (helping me take care of him) thinks that it's morally wrong.

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