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Breakaway collars?? Which one?

Hiya all

after reading some of the threads on here i'm considering buying a couple of breakaway collars.
How many of you actually use them?

I have never had a problem with "normal" collars but my current 2 dogs do like to wrestle and play a lot.
At the moment they both wear buckle on biothane collars because they go swimming almost every day. I do also keep the collars on all the time, they hold all their ID tags etc incase they manage to get out of the yard somehow.
Both of them are long coats so the collar gets covered by their fur which makes it tricky to grab them by it at the best of times.

My main concern with the break away collars is that they will loose it if they do get out and then don't have any visible ID on them
and that the collar will give way if I need to "grab" them for whatever reason and can't find the breakaway buckle to hold onto.

I'm really confused, of course I want them to be safe but until recently i'd never even heard of breakaway collars for dogs

Any info or advise would be really appreciated
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