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Originally Posted by Narny View Post
Only 10 weeks and she is doing so well.

First brag...

In my back yard 3 of my neighbors have dogs. They are the annoying kind that bark simply because someone is outside. Lulu just ignores them, like they arent even there!

Second brag...

Because shes not fully vaccinated I dont take her on walks in my neighborhood (there are tons of dogs here and people always walk them... some even poo in my yard!) but I still want her socialized with other kids and people, basically just to let her know that the rest of the world exists. Today I took her to my kids school. They go to a very small private school with not a lot of people. I decided to take her there so that she can be around kids and hear a lot of noise be petted. I also wanted to see how she would react to all that commotion.

She did AMAZING! She was excited to see them, licked them a bit. But she was so amazingly calm and well behaved. After the kids were done petting her she just sat down looking about interested in her surroundings.

I am so proud of my girl!
I miss when my pup use to stay quiet and ignore things she use to be fearful of so many things lol. I was always the person she came back to when afraid ha! Now she is 6 months (in a cple days) and really showing her barking side lmao!

Keep training im so proud for her as well !! Its an awesome feeling!
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