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another crate training question

I've read the million or so threads on crate training but still can't figure out what to do with my pup. He goes into his crate at night without a fuss, only waking at night to potty, then back in without a peep. Sleeps fine with one or two potty breaks during the night (he's 10 weeks).

My problem is during the day and in the car. He goes crazy when we lock the door then. He'll go in otherwise in and out. We feed him in there and have crate treats and have tried keeping special crate toys, but nothing seems to be working to get him to like it during the day. At some point we'll both need to leave the house but don't trust him to be alone without being in his crate. We've made sure he has just gone to potty also and he sometimes piddles in there when he's throwing his tantrums. Any suggestions?
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