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Puppy overly excited with wife and daughter

My Boscoe is 6 months old. He just got back from training 2 weeks ago. He was taught all the basics and responds great off, even off leash, but only with me. My wife and 15 year daughter do not get the same results from him. He literally acts as if he on crack when they attempt to handle him. He pulls the lead, bites (nips) their feet. Tries to jump up on them. We all use a heeling stick because that is what the trainer used. All I have to do is put the stick in my hand an he falls right in line, them not so much. I have tired to work with them on their tone, posture, getting them to stop moving their feet when he is nipping, etc. nothing is working for them. Funny thing is I have a 2 year old and a 11 month old and since he has come back from training, he is completely docile with them, occasionally mouthing but that stops immediately with just a quick glance from me. Please help.. I fear that if they can't control him, in the same manner that I can, the we will have to give him away. This may sound silly, but is it something with him and women?

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