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chances are that your dog won't be accepted . No bite training . You have to join a group , I can get you names to contact . The training will be done to RCMP standards , and certification will come from the OPP .
But first you have to show your dedication , and develop skills, and demonstrate that you can work with a group . No dog. Just you , a map, a grid , and lots and lots of time . Go wherever they instruct you to go , and do not miss a day . Training can be 3 times a week . I know one very eager , dedicated person who was eliminated because he missed one training session after having participated in many capacities for over a year .
SAR is not a sport or hobby to while away the time.
The dog has to have exceptional finding / search skills and will be tested rigorously -- in all conditions , all temperatures - snow storm , rain, high wind, urban, rural , multi surface . A far cry from schutzhund step to step if that is what you are familiar with.

SAR does not care " help him grow and mature as a working dog" It is not to help your dog .

If you are serious I will get a number for you and PM you with it .
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