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Originally Posted by Capone22 View Post
I never really thought about it before. Rogue is definitely not an overly soft dog. But other than that, it didn't really matter much. I haven't used any corrections except no or eh eh (like nope try again) when training. But today I was outside with her on a long line and my daughter was playing. She has a bad habit of running after or up to my daughter and biting her, thus the long line. She went to do it again but this time I walked up to her and grabbed the long line to walk her back to where I was sitting. I grabbed the leash just as she was going to jump at my daughter and said no. She hit the end of the leash pretty hard, giving herself a correction. Nothing I meant to do, I was just going to walk her back to me and have her lay down next to my chair. Anyways after the "correction" she went from a 6 ish in excitement to a 10. turned around and jumped and latched onto my bicep giving me the worst bite she has ever given me. It bled and instantly bruised. Not aggression, she's a baby. but it was excitement. The correction, instead of making her stop actually amped up her excitement level. Most dogs I have had in the past, and have worked with have been relatively soft dogs. The only dog I have ever had that reminds me of Rogue was my childhood shepherd mix. Anyways, is this at all a sign of hardness in a dog? Or was this just frustration because she couldn't get to my daughter so she turned to me? Or both? lol
Big question is the age of your dog.

But a BIGGER question is this - Do you realize if a dog blows off your "correction"; it WASN'T a correction! Just at best a suggestion that the dog has an option of ignoring if they choose. (Yours did!)

Why in the world would you let your dog get away with biting your daughter (how old is she?) repeatedly?
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