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Amazing! Originally it was going to just be DH and I for Thanksgiving and late Wed night we ended up adding 2 couples. All the food was great, everyone had a blast, and the dogs were good (although we had to put the toys away...didn't take Medo too long to figure out that the 2 new guys were ripe for suckering into play-time which ended up with the house in chaos with 2 GSDs sliding all over the florrs being wild).

Fri was DH's birthday. On his request we stayed in and did absolutely NOTHING but watch MI-5 all day.....and order from his favorite pizza place across town. Did a little xmas shopping online.

Sat and today was decorating for Christmas (tree shopping, putting things up, etc), lots of cooking with leftovers (homemade stock, turkey pot pie, and making DH some good Bosnian food)....

Super fun and relaxing, yet productive weekend (well, other than Friday!)

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