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How is your Thanksgiving weekend going?

How was your Thanksgiving?!? Did you do anything? How did the dog(s) behave?

I spent it with some friends and then later with family. We played board games, ate good food, and chit-chatted. I did have some anxiety issues but all-in-all everything is going well.

My cousin and her husband also stayed with us which was wonderful because they (despite the cultural reasons not to) were happy to meet our dogs and hang out with them for a short while. They said the dogs were stinky :c which they are right now since they haven't had a bath in a while. We practiced not having them jump on them. They socialized and Zeeva was a good girl. Smokey is always good with new people. It's weird how the dogs know the difference between strangers (like maintenance people) and family, right?

My GRE exam is on Tuesday :c so I've been attempting to catch up with studying. Please pray for me that I do well so I can apply to graduate programs...
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