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Sudden bad breath in young dog

Stark, who is 9 months old seems to have suddenly developed bad breath. It smells almost fishy, and he does eat salmon flavored food. But, he has eaten this food for probably 4 to 5 months now and I just now noticed his bad breath. The BF noticed as well. We also noticed he seems to be lethargic when in our room. When we are in the room he has free reign of the room while we watch tv, sleep, or whatever. And, he is usually driving us crazy bringing us his ball. He brings it to us to play fetch almost non stop. And, he hasnt been doing that. But, when we go outside he seems perfectly normal. He runs and plays. We took him out all day yesterday and he chewed sticks, we worked on some commands, played with my family. But, then when we get back home, back to the unusually lazy puppy. He was sick at about 4 months of age... and he was very very sick. My BF and I were certain he was going to die. We couldnt afford to get enough tests to get an actual diagnosis. But, with the blood tests we got done and his temp being 106 degrees and everything being cured in two to three days with antibiotics we assumed it was some sort of infection. And, he has been fine ever since. If he hadnt been sick before and if we didnt know how energetic he was before we probably wouldnt be worrying at all right now. But, Im really worried somthing is going on with him. We checked his temp last night and got a rectal reading of 101.8 degrees. And, he isnt displaying any other symptoms other than the bad breath and being so calm/lethargic in our room. Should I be worried?
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