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Unhappy Why can't people look after their dogs!?

Its not even 8:30 am and already its been a pretty sad day for me. First, on my way to work there was a dog laying in the middle of the road with his other doggy buddy sitting by his side faithfully and looking incredibly sad. I would have stopped but there were two cop cars with their lights on surrounding them so hopefully help was on the way. Still, just seeing that made my eyes water. Then AT work (I exercise race horses at a racetrack) I was on one of my horses and this dog comes running onto the track right in front of me from the infield! Apparently there were four coyotes trying to eat him! Fortunately there were some people not on horseback, and they got him off the track but he was so scared no one could catch him. Not sure what happened to him. It just makes me so sad and mad...why would anyone abandon their dogs!? If my dog was missing I would be in a panic and do anything in my power to get him back. People can be so selfish.
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