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i know plenty of people who had gsd, And they never complained about the shedding besides the winter coat that sheds of course.

I lie to you not, My shadow is a fast learner! I taught her how to sit within an hour, I taught her how to lay down for a hour or two, It takes time of course. Her new trick is twist hehe! She learned that in 6 tries! Its really fun and exciting especially for your kids!

castlemaid is very right though, My pup is a little skittish around lil kids, Thats due to NOT being around many kids. Im not sure about genetics or poor breeding... it might be possible though.

Bringing a pup into your home is exciting and very very annoying! Cleaning the pee and the poo is so horrible at times lol.. But trust me, its worth the pain! These dogs are so smart its not even funny!

If you do get a pup, please make sure to watch your 1,2 and 4 year old! don't let them get all crazy about the pup because she/he will be overwhelmed. its a new place that they never discovered!
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