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short haired-German shepherds DO NOT shed a lot!
I have two german shepherds, one is doubled coat the other is a HAIR BALL! full of fur!
Both haven't shed since.. I heard they shed their winter coats, but its not much.. i mean what dog does not shed? :P

I love german shepherds! I wish EVERYONE can own one! they are BEAUTIFUL, LOVING, TRAINABLE, GREAT and aahhhhh!!! I just love them!!! I wish i can get another one but they are a lot of work!

You really have to train them and take them for exercises and such.. how old are your kids? because as this pups gets older and if your kids are fairly young (1-3), your pup wouldn't no better but to jump and be excited.. so be careful with that!

I would say, GET THE PUP
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