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12 Week old GSD agression.

Hello, i am a new owner of a 12 week old GSD. I have had the dog for 5 days now and i have not seen any aggression except for the nipping when playing around with hes toys. Today i took him to Petco to socialize and help him explore a little and everything went great. He had the chance to see other dogs and people. Everything was going great.
I figured why not take him to the dog park to meet my friend with a 8 month old GSD. It was around 2:30pm that we met up. This was the day im ever taking my dog out of the house premises, and the first time i took him to Petco and also the first time he is meeting my friends 8 month old GSD. To make a long story short, i take Crixus my dog out of the car to meet Pash my friends dog. As soon as they started smelling each other my dog jumped on the other GSD and almost bit his nose. He then started barking non stop to the point of where i had no control of him. Pash my friends dog was always calm, submissive and relaxed. My dog was the opposite.
So we then proceeded to the park, i was following them with Crixus on the leash next to me. The whole time he was barking and very hyper. When other dogs came close by he would bark and try to attack them. At one point i tried to get his attention by touching him while very aggressively barking at the other dog and he almost bit me.

This was very embarrassing. At no point i had any control over him. At no point he stopped barking. At no point did he calm down. It got to the point where he would try to bite other people who would try to pet him.

What should i do, i am very disappointed. My friend said that hes GSD was very quiet at 12 weeks.

Thanks for your time.
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